Throw out the old way. Hook up with a
Condulus Stand.

Easy and convenient lockbox access for real estate listings and construction projects.

Eliminate Real Estate Lockbox Perils Curtail Twisted Ankles and Other Liability Issues

As a real estate agent, you know the perils of accessing a real estate lockbox. Ruining more than one pair of expensive dress shoes, experiencing numerous scratches, and slipping and falling trying to reach a precariously placed real estate lockbox.


    How many times have you had to maneuver through rough landscape, dirt, or mud only to have to crouch down to open a lockbox that’s attached to a spigot on the side of the home?


    How safe do you feel when the lockbox you need to access is attached to a gas meter?


    If the lockbox is conveniently located on a door or handrail, how often has the surface it’s attached to been scratched by the lockbox?

Anyone who has opened a home for a buyer or open house has had an unpleasant, or maybe even embarrassing experience when accessing the lockbox.

Designed With You In Mind Subtle Features Provide the Finishing Touch

  • Professional and attractive

  • Complimentary to any decor

  • Tall enough for easy key retrieval

  • Sturdy and secure

  • Convenient

  • Doesn’t damage property

  • Lockbox locks onto sturdy, metal ring at top of stand

  • Handy lockbox holder for key box